Plus+Golf has specialised on the Professional Market, developing IT solutions for every size and shape of tours and PGA’s.
Our solutions cover a wide range of needs:

1- Broadcasting News and Media;
2- Full mangement of Players Profiles, bio information, social networks, etc.
3- Complete management of Tournaments and Events, specially focused on Live Scoring solutions;
4- Supporting Apps for Live Scoring from the course straight to the Leaderboards;
5- Tee Times and Entries Full Management;
6- Rankings, Mney Lists and Orders Of Merits;
7- Complete Statistics Per Round, Tournament, Course, Player or Season;

A breakdown of the features

Around the World

We serve a wide variety of the most important PROFESSIONAL TOURS and PGA’s starting from the PGA Tour and the LADIES EUROPEAN Tour to most of orgnisied Tours and PGA’s of Latinamerica.

News & Media

Serving all needs on Broadcasting of NEWS, PICTURES or VIDEOS on responsives designs with NEWSLETTERS capabilites to one or more Subcribers Lists.

Professional Scoring

Handle PROFESSIONALLY your Tournaments with a WORLD CLASS platform serving the most important Professional Tours in the Golf Planet.

Tee Times Bookings

Manage your TEE TIMES BOOKINGS with your own platform on your own website and your own Credit Card Gateway, adapting Tee Times to your players needs in real time.

Rankings & Orders of Merit

Just MINUTES from ending an Event, get your RANKS and ORDERS OF MERIT updated, whether is out of points, money list o any other parameter.

Complete Stats Module

Professional and Complete Management of Statistics, Per PLAYER, EVENT, COURSE or SEASON including extensive data coming from SCORING, FAIRWAYS STATS and RANKINGS.

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